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LoveVoodoo Fest 2014 - All Inclusive Trip to Hedonism II
8-15 November 2014 - Negril, Jamaica

LoveVoodoo Fest 2012 was the largest Lifestyle event at a Lifestyle resort Ever. I know that is a bold statement, but it is true. Not only was every single room sold out at Hedonism II, which is the largest Lifestyle Resort in existence, but we had people staying all over Negril and paying to come in on day and night passes. Many locals even rented their homes to Jamaicans from Kingston! I knew it would be a good event but I was blown away.  The energy was through the roof right out of the gate. There was no question that LoveVoodoo was in the house from the moment the first bus pulled in Saturday. Half of the people on the bus, already had a few drinks and were half naked, when they pulled up to the front. When I got on the bus in the Mobay Airport Carey Riley from was on the bus with a group of her insane friends. Let's just say that the people on the bus with us that were staying at Breezes were a little shocked! This was one wild group. If you have ever went on the catamaran cruise at Hedo, you would know that usually 30 - 40 people attend. Tuesday we had 135 people and Thursday we had 195 going on the cruise! It crushed all existing records, and everyone had an awesome time.

We wanted to start the trip off with a bang, so we changed it up this year, and instead of having a relaxing travel day Saturday, we had a Huge Glow Party on the upper pool deck from 10pm - LATE! We shipped in lighting, smoke machines, and we rented Video equipment, and brought DJ Smokin Joe all the way from Washing D.C. The night club was packed almost every night with DJ Smokin Joe & DJ Phil Dawg spinning the tunes. The staff said he was the best DJ they have ever had. Normally there is a lull Wed nights at Hedo. It’s the recuperating night and everyone is getting ready to party at the end of the week. We said screw that! and we did another huge outdoor pool party from 10 - 3am! Then energy never died, it stayed up all week! We had Goat Races, oil wresting, a Marlon (ladies you know who I am talking about!), an inflatable water slide, dunk tank, free necklaces, and to finish up the week with a huge party just like we started it, we had a huge "Mardi Gras" night pool party with a bead toss and a second line parade, which was a blast!

What I love about LoveVoodoo Fest is the diversity. We had people from at least 35 states, including Alaska!, and people from all over the world. Russia, Ukraine, Tahiti (REALLY!), Trinidad, England, France, Italy, Argentina, Cuba! Guests ranged in age from 21 - 60, singles, couples, heavy, thin, black, white, you name it they were there! Think this is a bunch of Hype? Ask someone that was there! The only thing that will out do LoveVoodoo Fest 2012 is LoveVoodoo Fest 2013!


We have big plans for LoveVoodoo Fest 2013!

I guarantee 2013 will be the best event yet. We were already 60% sold by the time we left in 2012. Once again we are going to start the week with a Big Ass Glow party Saturday night on the upper pool deck., more lights, more smoke, more dancing! We are really going to crank this party up! There will be cocktail parties, games, entertainment, goat races, a moon bounce, Ms. LoveVoodoo Fest, the list goes on and on! Every day will be packed with something fun and exciting to do! We are really going to pump up Mardi Gras night Friday night! We are going out same way was started, Drunk and Naked! Mardi Gras night will be sponsored this year by Naughty in Nawlins "", the only Lifestyle convention worth attending! As many of you know we have fallen in love with New Orleans and live there half the year. Friday night we will do a HUGE bead toss, and a second line parade with some cool Nawlins music! We are going to keep the party going until you have to get on the bus to go to the Airport Saturday!  If you have not booked your trip for LoveVoodoo Fest 2013, Please do so now. It only requires a $100.00 pp deposit to hold your room. There will also be a price increase June 1st 2013, so book early! We look forward to seeing you in Jamaica.

Todd & Elena


8 Days Not Enough?

No problem Mon! Many of our guest come will arrive Friday November 8th. We will have a small meet and greet in the piano bar at 7:00 pm to give the guest a chance to meet the LoveVoodoo and Hedonism Staff and ask any question you may have. Arriving a day early will also give you an opportunity to rest up for the big Pool Party Saturday night. Even better than coming a day early is to stay a day late. Most of our staff and guests stay until Sunday the 18th or Monday the 19th. to re-cooperate! We love when our guest stay a couple of extra days so we can get to know them better.

If you are not a member of yet, check it out. For a limited time, we are offering a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL

Important! Due to the high interested in this event we want to advise you to book your room early! We suggest that you put a small deposit to reserve the room you desire as soon as you can. LoveVoodoo Fest 2012 was sold out in September. We expect it to sell out earlier this year.

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